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Looking for Pictures

Hey gang! Hope you all had a great AN, sad to see it over for another year!

Like a dunce, I forgot to bring my camera this year so I was wondering if anyone could help me out by sharing some pictures with me. I am looking for specifically:

A) Pictures of me, I was dressed in a green/rainbow colourscheme including rainbow tail, green ears and green hair (similar to my icon *points*) if you could post them or email them to me (hawklion at hotmail dot com) that would be fantastic :D

B) Pictures of my "bitey bandanas" (white teeth on triangular bandanas, black was most popular choice of colour) as worn by you or your friends (with their permission to share the photos, of course) - I am looking for some decent shots to put on my website to showcase the bandanas, I would give you full credit on the picture page :)

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