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weekend pass [18 May 2016|12:19am]

I realize this community is basically dead, but I have a weekend pass available if anyone is looking. Please PM me if interested!
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Halloween marketplace! [09 Oct 2013|12:44pm]

If you are in Toronto this upcoming weekend, you can not miss this amazing and fun show:
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Vendor call for a fun Toronto craft/art show! [12 Oct 2011|11:53am]


Dear Artists,
we have decided to organize a winter edition of our popular event: The Bazaar of the Bizarre.

Plastik Wrap presents: Frost Bite, The Bazaar of the Bizarre, Christmas edition. December 11th, the Great Hall on Queen st. West.

We would like to invite you to apply to be a part of this fun Christmas event, by filling out the vendor application:

The application deadline is October 31st/2011

Please note, we have changed the location for the Bazaar. It will be
held at the magnificent Great Hall, on 1087 Queen St. West. This
location is a bit more central and easier to find.

If you have any additional questions, please let us know.

Please do not forget that our Halloween Bazaar is coming up in 2 weeks, hope to see you there, attend and you can WIN a Bizarre LOOT BASKET!!! :)

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[Sale] 28 total wigs for sale (16 new wigs plus 12 reposted with discounts) [27 Sep 2011|04:21pm]



( Massive wig clean-out.  28 wigs, mostly new ranging from $8-$35 )

X-posted in many cosplay comms.
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DS: Buttload of 24 wigs, mostly new...price ranging from $10-35 [15 Sep 2011|03:37pm]

I've mostly stopped cosplaying (only make
1-2 new costumes a year now) and decided I really don't need my entire
stash of wigs anymore.  Sadly, this post is still only a fraction of the
wigs I own (cause I'm a packrat and haven't convinced myself to part
with the rest yet).

( 24 wigs for sale...ranging from $10-$35US )

X-posted like mad.
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[15 Sep 2011|12:23pm]

hello, does anyone by any chance have a button machine they are selling for cheaper? I am in need of one for future upcoming conventions and was wondering if anyone had one for cheaper. thank you!
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Anime Flea Market - September 10th, 10am-4pm! [09 Sep 2011|01:00pm]

Hope I can post this here, since I initially got the news from the AN newsletter.

Anyways, here's the official blurb on tomorrows Anime Flea Market event!

"Friends of the Merril Sci-Fi / Anime Flea Market - Saturday, Sept. 10th

It's time once again for the Friends of the Merril annual SF / Anime Flea Market, one-stop shopping for all of your genre needs. We'll have books, DVDs, games, costume supplies, collectibles, and more available at bargain basement prices.

The Flea Market will be held on Saturday, September 10th, from 10 AM to 4 PM in the Beeton Auditorium at the Toronto Reference Library, 789 Yonge Street. Admission is FREE!!"

I will be there selling tons of items from these series: Pokemon, Digimon, InuYasha, Shin Megami Tensei, Godzilla and others, as well as various video games and more! Cards, figures, plush, manga, books, DVDs!

Stop by, say hi, and buy some stuff! Hope there's a good turnout :3
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anime hell anime north 2011 [26 May 2011|11:07pm]
All aboard for funtime!


Starring: flying monster heads, killer snowmen, Spiderman, drum solos, and super robots.
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Free Photos at Anime North! [26 May 2011|09:31pm]


Hey guys! Just a quick note that I'll be working with The Enthusiasts this weekend running a photobooth in the Doubletree! We should be by main events, so if you've dressed up - or even just want a pic of you and all your swag - come by for for a chat and photos!
(We're awesome and friendly, I promise!)

I may be taking private shoots at the con - come by and chat with me to see how my schedule is running at con!

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Toronto Cosplay Picnic 2011 [19 May 2011|11:23am]


Info on this year's Toronto Cosplay Picnic is now up on our website! :D
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Cosplay panelists needed! [29 Mar 2011|02:11pm]

We have panels that need more panelists! If you feel you can answer questions and discuss these cosplay issues, please sign up at http://www.anpanels.com !

Cosplay 101
Cosplay for all Types
Cosplay Makeup to Last the Con

And if there's a different panel idea you'd like to do please sign up and suggest it! Some examples of panels we don't have yet:

- props & weapons
- accessories
- wigs
- effective stage presentations
- cosplay photography
- cosplaying in groups

Time's running out, so if you're interested in doing a cosplay panel please sign up ASAP!
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Cosplay panelists wanted for Anime North! [15 Feb 2011|09:53pm]

We're looking for people to share knowledge, talk about various cosplay techniques, run demos, etc. Some past panels have been on wigs, cosplaying in a group, cosplaying on a budget, working with electronics, making props, performing onstage, posing for photography, dyeing fabric, and the list goes on. If you have expertise on a particular topic and would like to help run a panel, please sign up! If you know someone who would be perfect for a panel, direct them to the signup page!

To sign up and suggest panel topics, go to the panelist registration form (http://www.anpanels.com). If you lost your password from last year, just follow the directions there.

The full thread on panelist info is here.

Please note that not all panel suggestions will automatically become panels (if there's not enough people to run a panel, it gets dropped, but this usually happens fairly soon before the convention).
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Moderated Membership [08 Jan 2011|11:58pm]

So, the spammers on LJ are getting obnoxious. As such, I'm switching the membership of this comm to moderated (meaning I'll approve applicants) to stem the tide. Should fix most if not all of the issue for us.
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[08 Jan 2011|05:27pm]

Can we get couple more maintainers/moderators going on in here and set it to moderated posts to try and regulate things a bit better?

This community has been spammed at least 3 times in the last week and it's getting a bit out of control since we now have porn showing up.

While this community isn't officially run by Anime North, I'm sure it doesn't reflect well on the con to have these posts showing up as frequent as they are.
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Retro G, Fluevog, Plastik Wrap on ebay. [29 Nov 2010|10:56am]


Retro_G tail coat, brand new with tags attached, get it here!
Also for sale amazing Fluevog boots!
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Please Help Con-G Bring w00tstock to Guelph/KW! [25 Sep 2010|08:33am]

[ mood | excited ]

Con-G has a chance to bring w00tstock to the Guelph/Kitchener-Waterloo area, but we need your help to do it!

To help out, simply "Like" our Facebook Page here!

What is w00tstock? Billed as "3 hours of geeks and music", it’s a fun-filled evening hosted by television host/special-effects artist Adam Savage ("MythBusters"), actor/author/blogger Wil Wheaton ("Star Trek: TNG", "Stand By Me") and music-comedy duo Paul & Storm (The Internet, Da Vinci’s Notebook) with additional guests based on location! These guys are awesome.

Songs, readings, comedy, short films, it’s the best parts of the huge US conventions all distilled into 3 hours.

Planning is in the early stages, and nothing is guaranteed, but you can help make a difference! We have been told that we need to show there are enough people who would attend a w00tstock performance held in Guelph/KW before planning can continue. Until now, they have only done performances in the USA, and all on the West Coast. We need to show them that it would be worth their while to come all the way to Canada! If we can show that at least 750-1000 people (the size of a US show) in the area want to attend, they will consider coming to Con-G!

If you would like to attend a w00tstock performance in Guelph/KW, please "Like" our Facebook Page to show your support, and pass the link on to anyone else you know that would attend!
If you do not have a Facebook account, please leave a comment on our blog indicating your support.

To learn more about w00tstock visit w00tstock.net.
To learn more about Con-G visit Con-G.com.

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AA Toast [01 Sep 2010|01:28pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Just wanted to post a little reminder to any artists out there that we have a community for Artist Alley artists (past, present or future!) to come hang out, share ideas and tips, talk about their art and meet new friends, some come on over to:

~*~*~ aatoast ~*~*~

Hope to see you over there! :D

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sf/anime flea market [15 Aug 2010|11:45am]

If you're anywhere near Toronto on Saturday September 11, you should definitely drop by the SF/ANIME FLEA MARKET, at the Toronto Reference Library in the Beaton Auditorium, 789 Yonge St, from 10am til 4pm!

Admission is FREE. I'll be there along with a room full of other people selling a lot of cool stuff - books, toys, games, magazines, comics, movie and TV ephemera, things you will be proud to own and display.

Help us clean our closets out and help the Merril Collection of the Toronto Public Library at the same time! (no relation.) For more information check out www.friendsofmerril.org
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Re: Toronto Cosplay Picnic 2010 [11 Jul 2010|04:44pm]

Thank you to everyone who attended the Toronto Cosplay Picnic yesterday! It was thanks to you guys that it was such a huge success!

If you're interested, I have photos from the picnic up here and a report (which is image heavy) up here. Please feel free to check'em out! :3
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Looking for Pictures [04 Jun 2010|02:01am]

[ mood | sleepy ]

Hey gang! Hope you all had a great AN, sad to see it over for another year!

Like a dunce, I forgot to bring my camera this year so I was wondering if anyone could help me out by sharing some pictures with me. I am looking for specifically:

A) Pictures of me, I was dressed in a green/rainbow colourscheme including rainbow tail, green ears and green hair (similar to my icon *points*) if you could post them or email them to me (hawklion at hotmail dot com) that would be fantastic :D

B) Pictures of my "bitey bandanas" (white teeth on triangular bandanas, black was most popular choice of colour) as worn by you or your friends (with their permission to share the photos, of course) - I am looking for some decent shots to put on my website to showcase the bandanas, I would give you full credit on the picture page :)


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Toronto Cosplay Picnic 2010 [01 Jun 2010|06:41pm]


Information on this year's Toronto Cosplay Picnic is up on our website! Check it out!

We hope to see you there! :3
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TOKYOPOP Tour: America's Greatest Otaku! [01 Jun 2010|12:43pm]

Hey everyone, this summer, TOKYOPOP is embarking on a nationwide bus tour to find America’s Greatest Otaku! The winner gets a FREE TRIP to Tokyo, and it’s also being made into an internet reality show/documentary. If you think you have what it takes, you can find out more by clicking here!

We’ll be stopping by the following cities/cons:

Jul 03 - Los Angeles, California | Anime Expo
Jul 05 - San Francisco, California
Jul 08 - Salt Lake City, Utah
Jul 11 - Denver, Colorado
Jul 13 - Kansas City, Missouri
Jul 15 - Dallas, Texas
Jul 18 - Albuquerque, New Mexico
Jul 20 - Phoenix, Arizona Jul 23 - San Diego, California | Comicon
Jul 27 - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Jul 28 - Nashville, Tennessee
Jul 30 - Washington, DC
Jul 31 - Baltimore, Maryland | Otakon
Aug 03 - New York City, New York
Aug 04 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Aug 07 - Indianapolis, Indiana | GenCon
Aug 09 - Louisville, Kentucky
Aug 11 - Atlanta, Georgia
Aug 14 - New Orleans, Louisiana
Aug 21 - Chicago, Illinois | Wizard World

We'll also be stopping by other cities to do events at certain bookstores. Stay tuned for more details!

For more information and fun stuff, feel free to check out our Facebook page, twitter, and tumblr. Hope to see some of you out there this summer!
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[25 May 2010|12:07am]

I've got an extra weekend pass for sale - I'm asking $40, which is $15 off the at-the-door price. I can only take payment through Paypal, sorry!

The name will be switched over to yours, and the pass will be e-mailed to you. :)

Please PM me if interested!
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Boots Needed [07 Jan 2010|03:06pm]

Hey guys,
so our costumer for Maylene at AN  had to change hands and the costume fits her great but the boots do not. does anyone have a pair of boots like these that we could buy off them and meet us at AN? the picture of her is under the cut. they are brown boots. read moreCollapse )
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[03 May 2010|10:41pm]

Does anyone have an extra ANorth membership (Pre-reg of 45 or lower) they'd like to sell?
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Friday night at Anime North [03 May 2010|05:44pm]

followed by


and then


See ya there!!
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WIG SALE! [09 Feb 2010|10:13pm]

We have a whole bunch of wigs that need to go to a good home. so many infact we can't even put up a short list here. We are willing to meet people at the con to give them their wigs and exchange payment of course.To see all the wigs we are selling you can Check it out here!
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[29 Apr 2010|09:27pm]

Last year at AN I bought a Vampire Knight day class uniform from the Dealer's Room. They only had one size and it didn't fit me, so I'm looking to sell it.

This is my CosCom marketplace ad. It includes the sizing, price and quality details. Since the pictures of it just hanging kind of suck, I can put it on my dressform for pictures tomorrow if you'd like a better idea of what it would look like while worn.

I'm hoping to sell it to someone in the Toronto/Maple/Woodbridge area, and I'd prefer to meet in person for payment/delivery. If you'd like to buy it, I can meet you before AN or at the con.
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Need some help. [16 Apr 2010|03:08pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hello my fellow Anime fans, I am in need of some costume help. I'm making an old school Astro Boy costume for my son (who is obsessed with it BTW) and I have everything I need except the hair. See the problem is my son is very blond and he's only 3 so I don't want to dye his hair, but I seem to remember seeing an Astro Boy like "wig" made of foam somewhere. For the life of me I can't remember where I saw it and my google-fu is sucking today.

Please help me out, my son will be so excited if I can get this for him. And for further incentive here is a cute picture of my son as Toon Link from last years AN.


cross posted to cosplay

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